Spiraling Notions

Fiber Spree

Maybe it is because people are talking about Tour de Fleece... maybe it is just because the weather is finally good... maybe it is because I have no backbone... but I have been spinning like mad these days and went on a fiber buying spree. I got 11 different braids and I am eyeing several more. I am trying to refine my technique a bit and just practice, practice and practice.

I have recently learned I have a number of allergies to very common things and I realize that they are very commonly used in fiber blends these days. I am trying to be very careful about where the fiber is coming from and what other blends the spinners are also selling. Unfortunately I think I may need to stay away from custom batts from now on... sniff.

Milk, Soy and Corn are all the rage these days and I am hideously allergic to them. Ugh.

But I got me some wonderful wool blends and I am raring to go. I have a feeling I am going to need a stretching schedule for this one.

Drool, all of you drool....

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