Spiraling Notions

Never Judge a Yarn by its Top

I have recently started dying my own fibers for spinning. I have noticed something really interesting about fibers in general - that the colors and overall effect of the fiber or batt is not the same as the finished yarn. This might seem elementary for old hats... but it is just a wonderful fun aspect of dying the fibers and then spinning them.

The fist experience I had was with a batch of fibers from the Sheep Shed Studio. Carol Lee produces fantastic colorways on wool, superwash and mohair. I never try to specify colors when I order because I like to be suprised when the order comes - never disapointed yet. Although I did get a batch of dark green/black/yellow I had a hard time liking. I was spinning for the Tour de Fleece when I ran out of almost all my fiber... he he he... so I dug out the green one. FANTASTIC. The yarn is great and the knitted scarf looks pretty good too. I feel in love with the yarn in the end.

I have also purchased GOR-GE-OUS colored and patterned fibers and spun them into a medicore yarn. So this works both ways.

Here are the before and after photos of, what I am calling, forest floor. The shine on the superwash is also quite nice.

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