Spiraling Notions

Saturday Night

I love the Misfits. Cannot tell you why and do not have to, thhiiiibbbiiiit.

I was thinking of this yarn and decided that it was going to be a Misfits tribute - or rather psycho-billy-horror-metal - course Misfits just sounds more euphonious doesn’t it?

I had all these colors I am not too fond of. I am a rabid Sheep Shed fan. Their shipping is on crack, but everything else is pretty good. If you order the correct amount the shipping balances and it works out less that a lot of places. Anyway... I had soppers and samples and left overs from several bags of items and realized what I was looking at:

  • pink lipstick
  • apricot cottons
  • blue denim
  • cigarette smoke
  • black leather
  • blood

In short, all of the qualities that make up a psycho-billy-horror-metal girl. This was the first time I sat down and really thought about a yarn, what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted to blend the fibers to get what I wanted. Strange for me. I like controlled chaos. I imagine my yarns to be a bit like water color. You can direct the water color but not control it entirely (unless you cheat and use gouache). But this time I paid attention to all of it. It was still like water color. I could mold and not always control everything - but it was planned out and similar to what I wanted to achieve.

I decided I am going to work up the greaser/psycho-metal aspect and knit the intolerable cruelty skirt. I can envision this with the ruffle done in the saturday night yarn and even further I can see a young girl wearing it with a black leather jacket -> smoking a cigarette -> putting on pink lipstick -> waiting at the drive in... so we will see how it comes out. I am working on the gauge right now... it is making me irritated. I am two needles down from the suggested size and next is lace needles. I think I need to adjust the yarn - poop.

Although, to be honest, I do not know if I am a proficient enough spinner to veer into this area. I can spin a number of weights (worsted and woolen) and have used several fibers (even dyed my own), carded, drummed... but I only have since last march under my belt. I also do not like knitting or crochet as much as I like spinning so I am not sure what I spin in the context of its use.

I thought about taking my store down until I have more time on my clock - but I am not doing this to sell the yarn. I am spinning because I “need” to spin. I have stacks of yarn that are not used because of my knit/crochet problem. Maybe I should try weaving instead.
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