Spiraling Notions

Northern Lights... the Sequel.

I love this fiber. It is fun to spin, easy to spin and makes fun color combinations. I had been eyeing this 'Toffee' color for a while and decided for my first purchase I would go with the 'Picasso' because I thought it would offer more of a contrast... then I went and bought more... more... more...

I made a Buttonhead hat out of the first batch using the Picasso and Linda from Pleasant Run Peddlers like it so much I offered to make one for the shop. So I spun a similar weight using the first batch to help gauge my results. The final result is a 2 ply fingering or sport weight yarn, I think.

This colorway makes really soft blends and contrast to the final yarn. I really like it. The best way to see the color in the yarn (and with the Picasso) is to put it in the sunlight. It is amazing the difference between inside lighting and sunlight.

UPDATE 6.18.10:
I finished the hat. I am soaking and blocking it now. I am happier with this one that the last 3... it is probably just practice at this point. I used a small gauge, size US6 needles, and went with the Beret style this time. 

I also didn't "finish" my yarn before I started knitting. I have heard people say that you can use pencil roving to knit with by itself - you just have to be careful - so I though why not try setting the twist and fulling the yarn after the project it done? It might add something interesting to the project or not make a difference at all. 

I also tend to over twist, still!!!, almost everything I spin and I thought if I left in the yarns natural tendency to untwist it might relax a little while I was knitting and I would not have a project that slants. This yarn is also a 2 ply which helps remove some of the twist too. The hank did not double over on itself after I took it from the niddy noddy this time - so I think this one has got the right amount.

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