Spiraling Notions

Digging in roots...

I have always wanted to experiment with plant fibers. Although my real wish is the work with fibers that I can actually grow or find... I am one of those "local" type girls - but if you say the word sustainable... we will have issues, you and I... That word has been deformed to include things like salary, space travel and medicaid. That is a problem.

But the long and short of it was I wanted to have a plant fiber that was not heavily manufactured like tencel or bamboo. Eventually I hope to be able to have a tree, bush or plants in my own space that I can harvest and work with. Although 2 ounces of mixed linen fibers may not really get me there... I am on the way.

I got a hold of some ramie and some hemp as well. These are strange fibers, well in the sense that they are different than anything I have used before. Slippery and "hairy" to say the least. I decided that the hemp needs to be spun outside because of the mess it made when I first tried it!

There is a spindle group I lurk in and one of the ladies mentioned something about teaching a vegan to spin... that she would not use animal fibers... she wanted plant fibers but was not sure what to start with. Bamboo? Linen? Cotton? Hemp? What would be best... For me, the least manufactured of the group - or even all of them. While Bamboo feels like heaven there are forests being clear cut for it. Then there are the chemicals that need to reduce it to goo. The sweat shops that turn it into fiber and from there to products for me - flown half way around the world so I can have a hobby.

I want to be able to remove myself from that ecological nightmare and grow myself a cotton plant or two. Have access to a nettles or milkwood. How cool would that be? I think it would be awesome.
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