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Surprise Order from the Sheep Shed

So very cool.

I got a surprise order from the Sheep Shed Studio today. Which is fantastic because I have had a really rotten day. Here it is:

I really had fun with the superwash wool from the last order. This order will probably be just as fun. There are something called soppers in this order. I learned these are to "sop" up any remaining dye in the dye bath so it does not go to waste. I do not know what fibers are in it other than wool and mohair (I am going on texture). I have some bamboo from a prior order from the Yarn Tree, which I hate spinning... so I decided to blend it. 

Today I will be spinning my first ever rolags:

I am thinking it will be fun.

UPDATE 6.10.10:
So I spend the day yesterday making rolags and spinning this soppers mixture of fibers. As far as I can tell there is wool, superwash wool and mohair in the soppers mix an then I added the bamboo I blended on a whim. I had experimented with a flax/wool blend and thought that the wool really added to the ease of spinning the fibers because of the tooth in the staple. Since bamboo is so slippery I thought the wool would help with it as well. I layered the bamboo on both sides of the carders and then loaded up the wools/mohair on top. Wala...

Course I have no idea what the hell to do with it... or anything else I have spun... and I am so fond of my singles... that may be problematic for certain projects. I have no idea what this will look like once it is finished and fulled but I think it will be cool to work with. 

UPDATE 6.12.10:
Finished my project... Since I knew this pastel medley was definitely for my daughter I decided that she needed a Buttonhead hat of her own. I love this hat pattern and I have made 5 of them to date... Gotta stop at some point... when? Beats me.

Here is the end results using the yarn. I wound up plying it as a 4 ply yarn in the end. Although I am not sure if it worked out well or not. It felt more like I just held the 4 strands together as opposed to actually getting a 4 ply yarn with proper twist. The end result still looks pretty good, as far as I'm concerned.

Its being blocked today (6.17.10) and hopefully we can gets some interesting buttons to fit the character of the hat. 
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