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Serenity Stitches - Tim Burton Series

I got some wicked fibers from Serenity Stitches. This is the Tim Burton series, following the recent Alice in Wonderland remake. This is, oddly enough, the ONLY Tim Burton film I have not seen. Who knew... It got bad reviews - but then again everything I love gets bad reviews.

The fiber is silk, alpaca and merino... it is, um, slippery. I have never worked with this combination before and honestly had no idea what I was getting into because I based it on color only. I thought it was about time to branch out into other fibers and be adventurous. The fiber feels luxurious to the touch and anything I make from the yarn is definitely going to be close to the skin. The colors are also amazing. They are luminous.

Image © C. Scovel

I have decided to plan this spinning out as well. I normally grab one end or split the roving and see what happens. I love what the colors choose to do. It feels a lot like using water color to be honest. You can only try and control the paint so much because the fluid of the water color chooses its own path, you need to step back and observe. Trying to force it usually ends in disaster or a new painting. A little experiment in controlled chaos. But this time, no, this time we are slowing down and trying deliberate things. I have decided not to split the roving and I am pre-drafting everything down to a sliver. I have not decided if I want a barber pole or even a singles yarn. I did decided on the severe pre-drafting to reduce the amount of color blending and over lap.

I cannot wait to see how this is going to turn out.

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