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Irony and Other Things

Maybe I am just feeling snarky today - but really - how can I stop being me for a moment?

I got a catalog today, Herrschner’s Quality Crafts Since 1899. And Several things struck me while “reading” the catalog. One might offer up that I should have been sitting to fend off the waves of irritation... alas earwax.

The first thing that struck me, as it has so many times before with any number of things, is that the quality of items within a catalog or shoppe declaring the word quality will most likely leave you wanting. Not a little... but really wanting, possibly regretful...

Second thing that hit me is people’s willingness to dress themselves and their children in the yarn version of napalm. Think about it for a moment... what is acrylic? It is plastic... what is plastic? it is petroleum. What is petroleum? dinosaur rot. It is the petrified, liquefied, remains of millions of dinosaurs (that mysteriously died out due to a changing climate - poetic right?). Why are we wearing, eating, breathing, having sex in, lathering and all other forms of using this crap? Aside from the fact that it is ruining everything it is also dangerous. If acrylic fibers or yarns catch fire - say goodbye to whatever it was on: your leg, you child, whatever! They literally melt and adhere to whatever they are touching. I have seen injuries from it and it is hard to imagine why it is so prevalent. If I cannot have a cigarette without 10 pressure groups, 27 laws and 43 random nobodies trying to intervene - how can people be using so much of this stuff with out so much as a warning to the contrary?

Next was the yarn. It is interesting to see the “trickle down effect” of the most cutting edge yarns getting watered down for the Plastic Heart fans. Maybe I am projecting but it is hard for me to see flattery in it sometimes. Although I do appreciate that even the big companies understand they need to open up new doors because the christmas doily is dying out with the older generations - and the new ones would rather die than make one. And the names they have out now -seriously- Nob Hill and Chunky Delights should not ever be on yarn labels... I have a hard time thinking of items they should refer to.

Lastly, and you thought it was over, is the fact that I got this catalog at all. All these places promise that they do not sell your name and address... so who is lying? And what the fuck is a “trusted affiliate” anyway? What an oxymoron there... We won’t share your information (unless we do) and then it will only be to a “trusted” affiliate (who does not have the same privacy issues we were stupid enough to promise but they agreed to give us a cut). So your personal information is SAFE with us!


All from a damned catalog eh?

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