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Citron & Other Thoughts

I decided to make a citron with handspun. I decided on some bfl i bought on sale. It is not my favorite color scheme but I thought I needed to branch out a little and try more things. It is part of my new years resolutions - take more risks - because I generally stick with the same thing. I am spinning this as a thread and then will make a 2-ply or navajo ply with the results.

I like that I am evolving. I had all these preconceptions about what I wanted to do and be when spinning, I approached the whole thing with an attitude or principle of what I expected it to be and it is turning out to be nothing what I intended. This is not a bad thing, just a different thing, and maybe a way to help take risks too. A dare to change and accept the change as a positive movement, then forgive myself for not “sticking” to my original ideas of the whole concept. It should bring me peace - not agitate me or make my life more complicated.

So I guess the long and short of it is that I am going to spin some super freaking thin yarn for this citron and knit something. AWESOME. Then make a citron for me or anyone in the house who cares to wear it. I think for me it is about the spinning and knitting and becoming less and less about the finished object. I do not even care sometimes if it gets to be something other than yarn.

Although I have some new projects in mind that are extremely personal in nature and a bit painful. I am hoping that the act of making them into yarn will bring some catharsis to the situation. Now that I have found a way to make “art” yarn it seems to lend itself to these ideas. It is funny - I have an old journal that I used to write in periodically and decided that it would be re-dubbed the Yarn Diary. I have had so many ideas since I shifted from pencils, paint and pastel it is hard to keep them all organized. The artist block that has been plaguing my existence for the past 10 years seems to have cleared up now that I have shifted to a new medium.

To come:

Wolves in the Basement
Reds, browns, doll parts and possibly locks. This one is gonna be nasty. I need to find dolls that are the right size... any suggestions?

Hijacking Innocence
This one is pretty allegorical, although they all are really. This one is silk and linen spun fine with rusted steel wool throughout. I am also adding spindle spun silk hankies - with neps and slubs throughout. I am intending this to be a three ply yarn - at the moment.

Flowers in Her Hair
A project based on various brown tones and my own hair. I have a shetland moorit, brown bfl and my own luscious curls to play with. I had about 6 inches of my hair cut for it. Although it is cliché there is a hat that comes to mind.

I have a lot of work to do.

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