Spiraling Notions

Ōkami Fiber Series

Totally jumping on this bandwagon... because I think it is awesome. I have been trying to come up with a good way to create color-schemes for my fibers. I decided on one of my favorite things. I am a gamer. A hard core gamer. We have almost every known console or platform, yes including Apple IIc, for gaming. But this game, Ōkami, is the most unique and beautiful game I have ever seen. It is the best game you never played... you know who you are.

The entire game is rendered in a numi-e style painting and follows Amaterasu, a Japanese Sun Goddes. She appears in the form of a white wolf and seeks out the dark forces claiming the land of Nippon, or Japan. The game play follows traditional stores and folklore in Japanese culture. But the artistry of the game is really so exceptional it lends itself to the fibers I want to create. Here are several drawings from the game:

SO! At some point soon There will be an Ōkami series. I have already created a few colorways - but I want to experiment some more before putting them up for sale.

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