Spiraling Notions


They're Here...

This is the first pair of socks I have knitted... They are going to suck, I know this, and then I will want to knit them again. You need to screw what I said before about knitting... I have become addicted to knitting, crochet and spinning... yes spinning. I have decided these socks are the coolest thing since sliced bread - and that is really popular.

I hope they fit. I bought a pair of sock stretchers and an addi turbo circular needle @ 36" so I could do the magic circle knitting. The problem was that there were gaps all over where the "seems" were. It was also a bit unwieldy with the cable all over the place - but I cannot imagine double points would make it any better. I decided, in the end, on a 9" bamboo circular - I figured if it sucks I am out 10$ if not... I have found a really useful tool. And it works like a charm. The knit is smoother - no gapping and it is easier to manage the two yarns. I am really pleased with it. These needles are so small I did not even think I would be able to hold them properly. Once the hand learns it seems to just become automatic.

Anyway... Like anyone is reading or cares...

I postponed the invader socks a bit... I decided that It might be a good idea to know HOW to knit a sock before trying a fun pattern. I got the book Toe up Socks... and didnt understand any of it. Then I got the Joy of Sox and that was a bit better. I figured out short rows with youtube and made myself some bright orange/mango worsted weight socks from Caron Simply Soft... he he he... They are horrible, and I love them. Now back to the invasion.