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Insubordiknit Spinning Workshop

Insubordiknit Spinning Workshop
Princeton, New Jersey

Please note: you may think that some of my pictures are blurry... but you’re wrong. That is just time itself trying to compensate for Jacey’s spinning awesome-ness!

I was lucky enough (to be annoying enough) to get Jacey Boggs to agree to a New Jersey Workshop here in Princeton. The workshop was this past weekend, April 21 and 22. I can’t speak for everyone, although I’m going to anyway, and say it was a blast. There was fiber and wheels flying everywhere. It was one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do. I met amazing ladies and learned a lot. And I do mean a lot. It is only when an advanced spinner (and by advanced I mean anyone spinning for 10 minutes more than me) or expert points out that you have been doing something “wrong” for the past two years that you learn and move onto more effective spinning.

I still feel like I got away with something because I was able to obtain a room at my husbands office they use as a Conference/Community Room at no cost to the workshop. Here is a picture of it before we got our weird fibrous fingers on it.

After the workshop though, the angelina was everywhere and I do mean everywhere. It is still probably there because I could not get some of it out. (snicker, snicker - I can see some professional meeting after us and all the participants leaving with glittery butts. It brings me joy.)

Day one covered a lot & day two covered even more. We did Core spinning, Cocoons, Coils, Beehives, Super Coils, and more. Here are some photos:


Joe-Bob (who’s really Robert by the way) fixing the air conditioning because it had the misfortune of sounding like a wounded animal throughout most of the first day.

Discussions on tasty soldiers...

Spinning Ladies!

Ah, yes, and here we come to the fiber table. These are the batts & combed top that Jacey brought for the class to use while learning the techniques. See that fabulous orange batt in the lower left corner... I covet that batt.

Some of Jacey’s example yarns.

And a close up of the heavily coveted batt, sigh. When it was my turn to get one I almost hip checked someone like a grandma christmas shopping at wall-mart.


Here is my sitting post outside the door. It’s not because I was bad, I just needed to make sure everyone got back in after lunch.

Jacey talking about how the outer wraps interact with the core in core spinning.

Spinning Ladies!

Discussion on how the inner core affects the yarn you are core spinning.

This one is Jacey warping time & space or it could be that I had the camera on the wrong setting. I prefer the former because it sounds much better and physics are involved.

Evil, Evil, Sadistic Cocoon/Beehive demonstration.

Here is the “class photo” with all the ladies in the workshop.