Spiraling Notions

Walling Floor Loom Project
I decided on a floor loom and found a very nice jack loom handmade by the Walling Family. It has become a little bit of a research project on the loom and also the family history of the family, which is very interesting... or maybe I find it fascinating just because I happen to be interested... But! I am repairing to the loom, updating parts of it and cataloging the history behind it. So feel free to explore my small research project. And, by all means, if you have or know someone with a Walling or Oregon Trail Loom send me an email!

Blackwood Fiber Arts Studio
I need a space to work. I have a house, left to us by a family member, were all my fibrous dreams might come true, that is if I can get it up and running.

Journey Bedouin Scarf
I am a gaming fanatic, however, my tastes are a bit eclectic and it is difficult for me to find games that really impress me, especially casual games. I did however find one that I really enjoyed. Journey, by That Game Company is really a interesting experience. I won’t spoil it for anyone curious about it who has not played it, other than to say it is a unique experience. I very much enjoyed the character clothing and wanted to find a way to replicated it. I thought of knitting using stranded knitting or intarsia, without a good deal of success. I also thought about tapestry crochet and tapestry weaving. Tapestry weaving seemed like it would be a decent option but was to thick and hard for a scarf. I am experimenting with different weave and have devised a pattern for any others interested.