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Warping your Loom

Title: Warping your Loom
Instructor: Madelyn van der Hoogt
ISBN: 9781596683648

Key things I found useful as a new weaver: Detailed information on warping and views of front-to-back warping process. Tips and tricks on basic issues and how to use some tools.

Pros: Close up on warping tool use, such as a warping paddle and warping mill. Tips and trick section on tension and threading issues.

Cons: Hard to follow sometimes. Closeups are intermittent and missing from areas that would benefit from them. Does not cover sectional warping, at all. Focus is largely on front-to-back warping, although some other techniques are included. Expensive.

Overall Impression: Good information if you have never warped before. There are tips and tricks that anyone may find helpful but the price was cost prohibitive in relation to the information provided. I would not pay full price for this video as there are others less expensive with similar information. NOTE TO SECTIONAL WARP USERS: In the beginning of the video there is a small blurb about sectional warping and that it will not be covered in the main video. It is also stated that the video will go over the tools needed for sectional warp users. This did not occur, in fact I “rewound” the video several times to see if I missed it. No tools... No explanations... Nada. I was really frustrated by this because I have a sectional warping system and was looking for more information on how to do it. There is no note on the website or indication in the description that the sectional warping method is not covered prior to purchase, you only get that one sentence in the beginning of the video. The video comes with a number of PDF handouts or pamphlets that also go into warping but again sectional is missing from the selections. It is also suspiciously missing from the booklet entitled “warping tools.” So I feel like I wasted money and I am irritated because I genuinely wanted that information. It seems that the instructor has very specific tastes as far as weaving is concerned and the main focus was on her preferred methods, leaving the others to suffer less attention. I do also find that, as an amateur, I had problems following some advice, which may be meant for more advanced weavers... such as knotting the warp only once and putting your pori-cross down to pick it up later without some sort of support mechanism. Doing these things just messed up my warp. It is my suggestion that Ms. van der Hoogt is so familiar with the materials she takes some things for granted or may find that after doing things in a specific way for so long she has perfected her form.

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