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Doubleweave Basics

Title: Doubleweave Basics
Instructor: Jennifer Moore
SKU: EP2206

Key things I found useful as a weaver: Troubleshooting tips, Technique Examples.

Pros: Clear language, good open shots and closeups. Clear explanations and examples. Several topics exploring numerous options for the technique. The information in this video is absolutely necessary if you want to experiment with Doubleweave on your own.

Cons: Not a lot of examples. There are a number of samplers around the studio but no introduction to the different fabrics that can be made with the technique. There is a little history with a couple samples but I wanted to know more about the contemporary pieces laying around. Overall video felt abridged even though it was a good length, partly due to the removal of the last technique and part of the sampler - but it felt condensed. No real information on “where to go from here” at the end, although one book was recommended. Not much troubleshooting information or warp recommendations, the video is about weaving a specific sample and those specifications are the only ones mentioned.

Overall Impression: Very interesting video. Excellent source of information to explore Doubleweave, seeing the process in action was necessary for me in order to really understand the technique.
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