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Spin Art

Title: Spin Art
Author: Jacey Boggs
Instructor: Jacey Boggs
ISBN: 1596683627

This is a good book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in trying textured yarns, a foundation in spinning basics is required as well as spinning materials: spinning wheel, bobbins, lazy kate, fiber, yarn and objects.

Pros: It has large pictures and good detail on creating textured yarns (dear lord thank you for getting rid of “art” yarns). Jacey is clear and easy to understand in her descriptions on what she is doing with hand movements and what the yarn/fiber should be doing as you attempt the specific yarn. The DVD is better than the book simply because a teacher in the room is better than a teacher in a book. So together they are a fairly comprehensive tool to get you started making yarns.

: To be honest, I can’t think of any that the combination of the book and DVD together don’t resolve. Having the DVD really helps bridge the gap between theory and practice, unless you want me to discuss the music...

Overall Impressions: An interesting book with some really cool yarn making techniques. With the book/DVD combo the price is right and it is an excellent tool for any spinner. It felt like I was getting away with something when I popped in the DVD and it was so comprehensive.

My review from Goodreads: It's like finding Rock'n Roll. If spinning is your thing and you want to explore the medium, textured yarn is the way to go. It opens the door to so many possibilities you might not have ever considered. Spin Art is detailed and easy to read but the DVD is even better. The video has close ups on hand movements which helps with learning the techniques. The yarns used also have good contrast to help you see what is going on clearly. Jacey Boggs is easy follow, although the techniques may take practice.

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