Spiraling Notions

Sectional Warping

Title: Sectional Warping
Instructor: KarenInTheWoods

Pros: Tips and Tricks to make sectional warping work easily, such as masking tape to keep threading order, measuring the beam to use as a yarn meter and stack order for spools. Closeups. Clear language.

Cons: Homemade video. Choppy in places where it was edited.

Overall Impression: Very good video on sectional warping, in fact, the only one I have found. The video has simple instructions with an explanation behind most actions. My only genuine regret is that it was too short! I wish that there had been more information on the tools, what they did, where to get them and even how to make them if needed. The author used pre-wound spools purchased for her project so there was no information on making your own spools or measuring yarns for this purpose. Sectional warping seems to have fallen out of favor with most weavers although it is amazingly simple and extremely useful when warping alone. The only other resource I have found is the booklet, Sectional Warping Made Easy by Russell Groff, so I found this video invaluable.

In fact here is a link to the video at her Etsy store.
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