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Doubleweave Pickup

Title: Doubleweave Pickup
Instructor: Jennifer Moore
SKU: EP2447

Key things I found useful as a weaver: Very useful for exploring Doubleweave Pickup options

Pros: Clear language, good open shots and closeups. Clear explanations and examples.

Cons: Obvious abridgment. Cut from the ending of the Doubleweave Basics video. In fact there is a hiccup at the end of the other video where they cut it out and she is still weaving the same exact sampler from Doubleweave Basics. There is 15 minutes of filler in the 35 minute video, which is taken out of the first video and repeated. In order to finish the sampler from the workshop you need to pay for this additional 15 minutes of information. I think its a cheap way to force people to spend more money. I would have gladly paid a little more for the workshop to have a complete video. As it stands its like buying a car and only getting three wheels, because the fourth was not included in the purchase price. It really made me angry. The information in this video is necessary if you want to experiment with Doubleweave.

UPDATE: I posted a comment about my aggravation with this video clip on the Interweave site in the “Reviews” section for this video. I am a registered user and the comment was posted for a few days. It has been deleted, as well as another negative comment from different user. Really bad form Interweave, suppress negative comments instead of fixing the problem? Really bad form.

Overall Impression: Interweave is trying to milk more cash out of its users. UPDATE: Trying to silence negative comments on the the issue instead of addressing the problem.
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