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Loom Owner's Companion

Title: Loom Owner’s Companion
Instructor: Tom Knisely
ISBN: 9781596686502 

Key things I found useful as a new weaver: Everything... really, it should be included with any loom you buy.

Pros: Clear language, good open shots and closeups. Clear explanations and examples when necessary.

Cons: Not disorganized... but there was a lot of information to absorb in one sitting. I would not even technically call it a con, more of a reason to watch it again.

Overall Impression: This is a really excellent video. It is full of tidbits that are useful and can help anyone from a very beginner to an advanced weaver, although they may already know a lot of what is in it. I found a good deal of information in it that will help me recondition all of my used looms - each of which has different jacking mechanisms but all are older and in need of good regular maintenance. Each one worked smoother after following some of the steps in this video.
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