Spiraling Notions

Journey Motif

With the release of Journey, by That Game Company, many fans are wishing for their own scarf. I have created a chart based on the Bedouin scarf used in the game in two parts.

© That Game Company

Download Stitch Pattern Chart
Journey Motif in PNG 1st Panel & 2nd Panel
Journey Motif in PDF (1.1MB)

The chart repeats after the first segment at the bottom. There are two distinct border patterns on the side of the scarf. The first one starts at the very end of the scarf. After the initial border difference the panels repeat up the remaining scarf. This is intended as a knitting, crochet, weaving, cross stitch or mural chart (or anything else you can think of)- using the stock game symbol along the scarf.

Additional Symbols (PNG): click image to download
(These are symbol combinations I have seen. I will be adding more symbols as I find them)

Symbol Alphabet (PNG): click image to download

These are the various symbols I have seen thus far. I have created a chart for each symbol and its rotation. You can use it like an alphabet to create your symbol from the game or anyone you want. Please feel free to email me any screenshots if you see others.